We will have 2 days to work in class next week on our assignment but if you have time this weekend and want to get started, use your textbook and/or the internet (I would start with the index of my textbook as it would be pretty fast) and learn a little about 10 of the people listed below. Ultimately you will be organizing a party which some of them will attend (details on Monday). However,
before you simply assign the people places to sit, you must first research their lives and beliefs – you would not want to offend anyone and your might have the opportunity to teach some people some things while you’re at it.

Some guiding questions to help guide your research are:

My name is…
I am…
Some people think I am…
I am certain…
I want…
I say…
I believe…
I am…
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights support my beliefs because…

Generally, who were they, what did they think was important, what causes did they support, that kind of thing.

Andrew Carnegie
Samuel Gompers
Immigrants from around the World
Susan B. Anthony
Industry Representatives
Thomas Edison
Mark Twain
Theodore Roosevelt
Coal Miners
Booker T. Washington
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Joseph Pulitzer
William Jennings Bryan
Eugene Debs
Alexander Graham Bell
George Washington Carver
Francis Willard
Jane Addams
W.E. B. Du Bois
John D. Rockefeller
Mother (Mary Harris) Jones
Ida B. Wells
Henry Ford
William Randolph Hearst
James J. Hill