Option 1: The Federal Government in St. Paul

Your task is to visit three places in St. Paul that relate to the Federal Government:
1. Landmark Center 2. The MN History Center and 3. The grounds of the MN Capitol.

As you visit each place, complete the TASKS handout below. Turn it in Monday May 19 so you do not have to take the final.
    • If you choose to do this on Sunday, remember a couple of things: there will be lines for the D.O.I. so do that first, then go to Landmark, then the capitol grounds AND there will be fireworks at the capitol at approx. 8:45pm with music, a National Guard flyover and a statehood ceremony at 7. Click here for details.

Finally, these thoughts:
1. Be sure you read carefully the handout you received in class for tips about times, parking, etc. (If you need another copy, see the attached "Handout" posted below.)

2. Optional bonus: view this film about the Declaration of Independence (it took a while to load for me) OR watch it at the History Center (it is part of the exhibit too)

3. Encouraged: Read this information about the exhibit before you go.

4. Print the TASKS handout and directions to Landmark Center (below) and take them with you (they have maps, directions, and your questions to answer).

Directions to Landmark Center



Option 2: Traditional Exam - Monday, May 19
See this handout for information