Welcome to the 2008 Presidential Election Project.

This assignment is in two parts:
1. Create a cartoon book using ToonDoo to demonstrate the process to become the President of the United States and
2. Analyze the current political climate and design a strategy for either Barack Obama or John McCain

This assignment is due Friday, September 12.

Part 1: Design a cartoon book using ToonDoo explaining the process of becoming the president of the United States starting with Announcement and ending with the Electoral College.

a. Register with ToonDoo
b. Make one (at least) cartoon for each concept: Announcement - Campaigning - Primaries - Caucuses - National Convention - Campaigning (show what is different to campaign at this point than at the first campaign) - General Election - Electoral College - Taking the oath of office.
You can decide how many panels your cartoons will have. You can also use images from the internet and crop to your heart's content.
c. Follow these directions for how to make a cartoon book.
d. Post your cartoon book to your page on the wiki (see your handout and see Ms. W if you have questions) and to our class showcase page (so you will post it twice)

Resources that might come in handy:
To use the generators and put on your toon
1. Create your sign, button, etc.
2. Right click (PC) or Control Click (mac) save image location
3. Go to your Toon, click ImaginR
4. Paste the URL and it should upload your image (or you can save the image to your desktop and upload it that way)
Political Sign Generator
Campaign Button Generator

Election-Related Images (voting machines, convention signs, etc)

Part 2: Analyze the current political climate

As of Friday, September 5, the CBS poll has Obama and McCain tied at 42% each. Obviously someone needs to win this election and they have called upon you to help them do it! Your assignment is to complete the following:

Be the senior political campaign strategist for either the Obama or McCain campaigns and design a winning campaign strategy.
o First, use 270 to Win to gather stats. Pay close attention to the "Polls" and "States" links. Use the polls to determine where you need to have your candidates visit, where you will not go, etc. Use the "States" link to determine to check recent polls per state, history of the state's voting, its voting and electoral college history, etc) (The USA Today also has a good election tracker, it might be of interest to you also)
  • Use 270 to win to study the last three or elections (1992, 1996, 2000 & 2004) which states went Republican? Democrat? Now look at the current polls by state? rite up a game plan for your candidate. Which states do you need to keep? Flip? What is your plan? (if a blank electoral map, or four, are helpful, print this)
  • Use Open Secrets to determine your candidate's financial status, what can you spend where? How? What fund raisers do you need?
o Write an outline of pros & cons for your candidate's campaign.
o Finally, use the front page of 270 to win to determine how you believe the election will go (not how you want it to go for your candidate). Take a screen snapshot of your projection (shift+apple+4 = mac/ Right Click,
Save image as" for PC) for the electoral college outcomes. Save your picture file with your initials and then the file name (e.g. wwmap.jpg) and post your prediction to your wiki page (see directions on your handout).

To submit your work: create a page from your wiki page. Title it with your initials, then "Election Project" (e.g. ww Election Project). Post your information from your research, your desired images, your plans, and your projected electoral results to your Election Project page.

Sample Election Project