THE People

Surface: the clothes that woman wear are short skirts, high heels and a little make-up. The clothes that men wear jogging suits and that is real all they wear, but everybody wears jeans except older women.

Internal: In Russia their living standers are going down and so is the crime and unemployment.

Customs Courtesies

Surface: The way Russia greeters people is that they shake your hand and say Zdravstvuyte which means (hello).

Internal: Gift giving is important for every event. For example, for birthdays they bring roses.


Surface: The young people often go to the movies for a date.

Internal: New Year’s Day is the most popular holiday. Teachers and police have their own special day that they celebrate.

Surface: They pay no tuition for education from the ages 6-17.
Internal: The economy is unstable since 40 percent live in poverty.

Surface: New currency the real.

Internal: 957 are Roman Catholic.

Surface: Brazilians mealtime with family and friends.

Internal: Most of the time they leave 10-15% for a tip.

Surface: People live in apartments that are like United States.

Internal: Carnival is a 5-day festival that is the following Ash –Wednesday.

Surface: Brazilian people most likely travel by buses, Buses are usually crowded.

Internal: Aids is a growing problem in Brazil.


Surface: Most young people speak English and there are different dialects in the country.

Internal: Northern and Southern Italy are no longer being divided. Socializing is important and many don't want to miss a party.

Surface: Men and women greet each other with a handshake. If their hands are dirty they will offer a finger.

Internal: In Italy they communicate with their hands. Rubbing fingers together rapidly symbols money.

Surface: They build houses with bricks.

Internal: Many have a dream to own their own home.

Surface: Many people are farmers.

Internal: Government helps families out by paying for most healthcare.