Surface and Internal CultureGreece
Surface Culture
The language in Greece is Greek.The main religion is Christian.The country is known for its blue seas, blue sky with bright white clouds. The culture has ancient architecture and art.

Internal Culture
Dating: many couples live together instead of marriage. Divorce rates are low
Housing: most residents live in multi-storey concrete apartment buildings.
Life Cycle: Older widows may wear black for the rest of their lives. Families in the mourning often cover their mirrors throughout their houses and attend memorial services three months, six months and a year after a loved one dies.
The Arts: Older Greeks tend to listen to more traditional music when younglisten to European and U.S. music.

Surface Culture
Language: the language in Chile is spanish
Eating: Chileans eat their main meal aroung 8-10 P.M.
Arts: Chile is known for their poetry
Religion: most people in Chile are Christian. Religious freedom is guaranteed.
Fashion follows european styles.Its important to be clean and neat.

Internal Culture
Government: Chile is a multiparty democracy. All eligiblt citizens who have registered to vote must vote by law.
Life Cycle: Pregnancy and birth are always causes for celebration. You can drive by 18. At the grave site, manners make no attempt to suppress their emotions.
Dating: People start dating when they are 16. Men marry around age 22, women marry around 18 and 23. Usuealy they finish their education before marriage. Divorce was legalized in 2004.

New Zealand
Surface Culture
Language: English and Maori are both official languages
Religion: Most New Zealanders are Christian.
Art: Maori songs, chants and dances convey legends

Internal Culture
History: The first discovery of the islands is attributed to Kupe, a polynesion explorer. The island remained highly uncolonized until the early 1800's.
Dating and Mariage: Parents usuealy restrict one to one dating until their kids are 15-16. Group activities begin around age 12. The youth like to dance, go to movies and have parties. Older teens usually teens usually go out to pubs and drink with friends. Women get married aroung 27 and men wait a little longer.
Lifestyle: Babies born to christian families are baptized soon after birth but baptism is becoming less common. At age 16, New Zealanders are allowed to drive. By 18 they can but alcohol and cigarettes. 21 is considered the age you become an adult.
Housing: The typical family home is detached single-storey home with a front and back yard. Homes are typically wooden or brick. City life is becoming more popular.
Personal Apperance: Western style clothing is standard. People wear casual clothing in public, its usually clean and presentable.