“Out Jogging”

You wake up, as a gush of chilly wind floods your bedroom. You check your watch. It reads 8:39AM. Might as well…you think to yourself. You strip your warm covers off, throw on a t-shirt and shorts and grab your running shoes and ipod as you walk out the door and into your front yard. Oh! You might want to leave a note for the parents...you dash back inside and scribble on a piece of scrap paper: "Out jogging". The weather’s perfect for running. You start off down the road, ipod blaring. You can’t hear the speeding truck as it comes up behind you. Next thing you know, you get grabbed by the collar and you’re in the now speeding truck. You look around and you see a computer that’s flashing: Current position: 45 degrees North, 93 degrees West. What capital city are you in?

You are a driven several hours, until you feel the truck suddenly stop with a jerk. You are ushered out of the truck by a few rough looking men. It’s night time now. And you are quickly rushed over to a helicopter. In the helicopter, you see the same type of computer that was in the truck. It flashes the same type of green lettering that reads: Destination 2.5 degrees North, 5 degrees east. What city are you going to?

The helicopter lands only after about and hour or two. The helicopter falls silent. The interior of it is very dark. You can hear footsteps walking to the rear of the helicopter. You hear two burly voices: “Shoot this is wrong…we should be at 10 degrees South, 40 degrees East!” Where should you be?

The other unidentified man replies, “We can’t go there-we’ll run out of fuel. The nearest fueling station is at 10 degrees North, 80 degrees East. What city is the fueling station in?

When you get to the fueling station, the computer screen flashes: Destination: 55 degrees North, 105 degrees West. Confused, you wonder why you aren’t going to 10 degrees South, 40 degrees East. What is you new destination?

The helicopter lands with a thud. One of the burly men shuffle you of the helicopter. You feel a wave of cold air crash into your skin and you open your eyes. Your bedroom is chilly. Perfect weather for running…